TrackAttend360 Registers and Records Attendance.


Add new attendees.

  • Individual attendees can be entered using the web based TrackAttend360 dashboard.
    • Attendees can be added at any time; prior to the event or during the event.
  • Batches of attendees can be added by importing spreadsheet data through the TrackAttend360 dashboard.

TrackAttend360 generates a QR code for each attendee.


Register Attendees for specific Events, Conferences and Classes and for each meeting or class within the larger event.

TrackAttend360 allows you to register attendees by

  • Importing attendees from a spreadsheet to the dashboard
  • Entering attendee information directly in to the dashboard
  • Selecting from previously registered attendees

Check attendees in and out of meetings, classes and events.

  • Check in/out using TrackAttend360 phone app
    • Scan QR Code
    • Check in/out on list of attendees
  • Check in/out using dashboard

TrackAttend360 maintains records of attendance indefinitely. Attendees and organizers can use these records to monitor attendance and credit hours.

  • Generate reports of attendance for each attendee.
  • Create certificates of course completion for attendees.
  • Track credit hours earned by each attendee.

Attendees access their full individual attendance records through a private portal access. Completed certificates are available for review, print or email.