TrackAttend360 records attendance at Events, Conferences and Continuing Education Classes

Prior to the Event:

  • Create your event(s)
  • Create a list of meetings and classes at each event(s)
  • Add and Register the Attendees
    • Register for event(s)
    • Register for specific meetings and classes held during the event(s)
  • Print Attendee QR codes for name tags
    • QR codes are scanned at check in and check out
  • Email Attendee their schedule of events and QR code
    • QR code can be scanned on attendee mobile device
  • Print Event QR code(s)
  • Print Meeting and Class QR Codes

During the event:

  • Add and register new attendees if needed. Print the additional QR codes for name tags.
  • Use the TrackAttend360 Android or iOS phone app to
    • Select Event by scanning Event QR codes
    • Select Meeting or Class by scanning Meeting or Class  QR codes
    • Log attendance by scanning Attendee QR codes
    • Register attendees for a meeting or class
    • Log attendance by selecting from a list of registered attendees

Once the event is completed:

  • Generate reports of event attendance
  • Generate completed certificates for print or email
  • Allow Attendees access to their individual attendance records and certificates through the TrackAttend360 customer portal